Case Study: Harcros Chemical Plant

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by Harcros, a chemical plant that was struggling with their concrete flooring. Many different issues had taken their toll over the years, but the causes were not as important as the challenges: these problems with the concrete meant that forklifts and other machinery that needed to use the surface couldn’t, which meant that the employees were unable to do their job. You can see some of the before photos, here: Colorado Concrete Repair was asked to come in and help fill the holes, cracks, and dips in the floor. They also needed a better option. Many manufacturing plants use chemicals that can damage floors, but Harcros quite literally creates these chemicals, which meant that their flooring was under even more stress than most other industrial facilities. They needed something special. We suggested the use of Novolac, a specific type of resin used in epoxy flooring that offers significantly more protection for smooth surfaces when the surfaces are faced with frequent and damaging chemical spills. Coatings with Novolac are also durable enough for frequent forklift and […]