Grinding and Glue Removal – Case Study

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by a new client that needed something unique – something that turned out to be quite the project. The construction crew had removed tile from the property, and unfortunately, it left behind a huge amount of glue. There was tile (and thus, glue) all over almost the entire property, including a huge hump in the main downstairs room that was both wide and high. You can see some of the before photos, here: We were able to get through most of the property quickly and efficiently. But that bear of a hump was an incredible task. It took most of the day and several grinding wheels to take the hump down and flatten the floor. Only after several hours of dedicated grinding did we finally have the level surface that we were looking for. Here’s what it looked like after: Even something that sounds as simple as grinding out some glue can turn out to be a substantial project that requires an incredible amount of expertise, dedication, technology, and a team that is up for […]


Concrete Grinding – a More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solution for Concrete Projects

Concrete grinding is a flooring repair process that involves using specialized equipment to smooth and level concrete surfaces. The technicians remove thin layers of the concrete’s topmost layer to eliminate imperfections, such as roughness, stains, or unevenness. The grinding process utilizes diamond abrasive tools that gradually grind away the surface to create a polished and uniform finish. Concrete grinding is commonly employed in commercial projects to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of the flooring. But those are not the only benefits. Concrete grinding is also environmentally friendly, and companies that are looking to promote their sustainability should consider concrete grinding in place of other common concrete repair options. Sustainability and Eco-Benefits of Concrete Grinding Concrete grinding is a versatile and eco-friendly method that offers numerous benefits in commercial projects. Not only does it provide a smooth and polished surface, but it also contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing waste, energy consumption, and the need for new materials. Some of the benefits of concrete grinding include: Waste Reduction and Recycling One of the main reasons that concrete grinding is considered […]

Floor Resurfacing


Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in warehouse floor resurfacing in the Denver metro and Rocky Mountain region. We have powerful machinery and equipment to take on 1,000 sq. ft. projects to more than 10,000 sq. ft. projects. Our specialties include concrete grinding, polished concrete, and epoxy, or concrete coatings. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S TIME FOR A WAREHOUSE FLOOR RESURFACING? IS YOUR WAREHOUSE FLOOR READY FOR A RESURFACE? Warehouse floors take on a lot of wear and tear from machinery, including forklifts, foot traffic, chemical, oil, and food spills and stains. This tear can wear away at exposed concrete very quickly if it’s not protected or if the sealer or coating has worn through. Concrete that is cracked or spalling quickly becomes a more dangerous surface for vehicular and foot traffic. Here is what to look out for when deciding if it’s time to reseal or resurface your warehouse floor: Spalling, holes, or cracking on the concrete surface Sealant or coating is wearing off No concrete coating was ever applied Spalling, Holes or Cracking on the Concrete Surface If you see the […]

Concrete Grinding


Our concrete grind and seal system is a terrific way to transform your concrete floor from drab to fab. We recommend this concrete flooring application for clients who want a floor that is protected, industrial, durable, and that looks nice, but keeps the concrete’s natural characteristics. Depending on the sheen and color the client wants, we direct them to the final topcoat solution. However, the grinding, surface prep, and concrete repair, will be done regardless of sheen and color selection on every grind and seal project. WHAT DOES A CONCRETE GRIND AND SEAL LOOK LIKE? Many people like the look of a nicely finished concrete floor, and often that floor has simply been through the concrete grinding process and sealed with a sealer or a coating of some sort. Other times, the concrete floor has been through the polishing process. Let’s talk about the grind and seal application. Grind and seals can take on several different looks, depending on color and final sheen choice, as well as the aggregate underneath the top layer. Color: You can choose to stain the […]