Concrete Lifting


CONCRETE LIFTING IN DENVER, COLORADO Often times our clients will ask us to “level out” their concrete slabs due to the concrete not being even. There could be a couple different reasons for this: either their concert has sunk or it has an uneven surface. If it’s the first reason, and the concrete has sunk, concrete lifting is often the best way to address the issue. If it’s the second reason, and the concrete has an uneven surface, concrete grinding is a good solution. In this article we asked the Liftech team to tell us about their system to address sunken and unstabilized concrete. We recommend this team of professionals, who have been rated Colorado’s #1 polyurethane concrete raising and stabilization company, to all of our clients who need their concrete lifted because it’s non-invasive and works more effectively than other forms of concrete lifting. SO WHY DOES CONCRETE SINK OVER TIME? The Colorado Front Range is made up of a large assortment of soil types. It ranges from very sandy soils to highly expansive clay soils with ever expanding and contracting Bentonite (Claystone). When […]