Case Study: Concrete Grinding and Leveling at an Office Building in Boulder, CO

Colorado Concrete Repair was contacted by the property manager at an office building in Boulder, CO. This office building had concrete flooring that had developed huge cracks as the cement had settled. You can see the extent of some of these cracks and the uneven ground in the photos below: The floor itself had completely shifted, leading to potentially dangerous tripping hazards and an office floor that was not professional enough for anyone to work. They contacted Colorado Concrete Repair because they felt that we offered them the best combination of services and pricing. In order to fix this type of flooring, we would have to: Patch up the damaged floor. Fill the cracks. Level out all the humps in the concrete. Using state of the art equipment, we were able to do just that. Our customers, who had recently purchased the property, were able to replace the cracked flooring with a perfectly flat, smooth floor that would last them for decades.


How Epoxy Floors Can Increase Productivity in Offices

There are several flooring options available for office spaces in Denver, Aurora, Centennial, and the surrounding areas. A concrete floor with an epoxy coating offers a unique combination of professional appearance, unbeatable functionality, and affordability. Epoxy flooring for Denver offices can also improve the productivity of those working in offices in your building. The built in features of this commercial flooring as well as customization options provide a range of benefits for an office space. Advantages of Epoxy Coatings for Office Flooring Property owners choose epoxy flooring for many reasons. It is extremely long lasting without requiring frequent upkeep, has an affordable installation process, and adds value to a property. These benefits work across facilities. Yet in terms of office space, an epoxy coating offers specific advantages that include: Increased Ambient Lighting – Epoxy creates a highly reflective surface. Depending on your chosen gloss level, epoxy flooring can increase the reflectivity up to 300% over other flooring types. This creates a brighter workspace that will make staff more alert and awake while at work. Professional Look – An epoxy floor […]

Polished Concrete Flooring


POLISHED CONCRETE WAS THE IDEAL NEW FLOORING SOLUTION FOR GROENDYKE TRANSPORT IN BRIGHTON, COLORADO. WHY DID THEY CHOOSE POLISHED CONCRETE FOR THEIR FLOORS AS PART OF THEIR OVERALL FACILITY RENOVATIONS? Colorado Concrete Repair was able to give Groendyke Transport an industrial polished concrete floor in their renovated office space next to the truck washing and maintenance stations in Brighton, Colorado. We just wrapped up this project, which involved removing the existing tile and carpet flooring, as well as polishing the concrete. Our crew finished the job by the deadline, so that new office furniture could be moved in and the office team members could work back in their renovated office (and out of the temporary one they had setup). Polished concrete was an optimal option for Groendyke because they wanted to make the space brighter and they did not want to invest in a flooring that would come off over time. When we finished the project, the owner mentioned that the rooms were so much brighter with the polished concrete floor, and it had a clean look to it. He […]