Make Your Gym Sanitary and Odor Free with Epoxy Flooring

Keeping your commercial gym clean in Denver is naturally going to be a challenge with all of the people that workout in your space, often leaving behind sweat on surfaces they touch and floors. Spilled water or water that accumulates in and around showers and pool facilities are another concern. All of these different forms of moisture can collect on your gym floors. They may contain bacteria and lead to a buildup of mold and mildew, leading to odors. This is an easy way to make your clients think that your space is unclean even if you use an in depth cleaning regimen. But epoxy floors in a gym can give you an effective way to limit bacteria and mold, and by extension, reduce odors. How Epoxy Floors Can Mitigate Odor Problems in Gyms With regular use, gyms see a buildup of bacteria from gym goers. This is a possibility in every property as bacteria transfers from a person’s skin to any surfaces they touch. But gyms are one location where odor causing bacteria is often more prevalent due to […]


How Epoxy Flooring Can Increase Customer Satisfaction at Your Gym

A significant number of people in Denver are regular gym goers, and the area has a significant number of gyms to meet their needs. Staying competitive as a gym in Denver therefore requires not only the right equipment and fitness types to meet your customers’ needs, but also the right environment where visitors to your space will enjoy exercising. A large part of this environment comes from the physical characteristics of your property, and perhaps none is so important as the flooring. Most gym spaces are expansive and the flooring on your property can be a significant visual element. In addition to contributing to comfort, an epoxy floor is an affordable and low maintenance way to get a beautiful floor for your gym and create the perfect setting for your members’ hardcore workouts. Benefits of Epoxy Floors in Denver Gyms and Fitness Centers Epoxy flooring has several significant benefits for businesses and gym owners. It is affordable to install at only a few dollars per square foot and yet lasts for many years without the need for expensive repairs or […]


Benefits of Using Concrete Flooring in Your Denver Gym

Denver is a city that likes to be active and gyms in the area need flooring options that can keep up with their members. Whether you specialize in climbing, weights, fitness, boxing, or another technique, a concrete floor is the perfect solution for you as a gym owner and for your members. There are several types of concrete floors available depending on the look and features you want, including polished concrete, stained concrete, and epoxy flooring. Each will give you a clean and beautiful gym that will stand up to years of workouts. Why Install Concrete Flooring at Your Gym Most gyms will use rubber mats or padding in fitness areas, but beneath the mats you need a resistant floor that can endure heavy foot traffic, the weight of machines, and the pressure of dropped weights. As one of the most durable materials in construction, concrete is the obvious choice. But concrete also offers a range of additional benefits, such as: Customizable Appearance – With options for staining, high gloss, and texture you can create a floor that matches the […]