Concrete Flooring Options for Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurant flooring has many requirements. Flooring in your commercial kitchen needs to meet OSHA standards for the safety of your employees with dependable slip resistance even when wet. There are also health code standards for cleanliness. The floor needs to stand up to the wear and tear that is common for a busy kitchen. As a property owner, you likely have your own standards as well, including cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance. One of the top options that meets all these requirements in a commercial kitchen is polished concrete. Made by honing concrete with increasingly fine diamond grit, polished concrete has a smooth, non porous finish that looks great while still providing the natural resiliency of concrete in your kitchen space. Why Use Polished Concrete for Commercial Kitchen Floors A commercial kitchen in your restaurant is a busy place. You have dozens of chefs, line cooks, and waitstaff moving about throughout the day. Regular spills of water, splashes of hot oil, and other commonplace incidents are going to leave debris on your floor. The temperatures that your floor needs […]