Advantages of Polished Concrete for Retail Spaces

Polished concrete is one of the most popular flooring options here at Colorado Concrete Repair. It is especially useful for commercial properties, offering benefits that few other commercial flooring styles can offer. In retail, especially, polished concrete is an excellent choice, as it offers a combination of benefits that make it preferable to a majority of other flooring options. What Are the Benefits of Polished Concrete for Retail Flooring? Polished concrete is one of many retail flooring options available, and you’ll find almost every type of flooring in Denver retail spaces. But this specific type of flooring has numerous advantages, including: Longevity and Durability – With an extremely high amount of foot traffic, you need a flooring option that offers longevity, and will not experience too much wear and tear over time. Polished concrete has extensive durability, able to easily withstand customer flow. Safe – Some flooring options break, bend, or stick up over time. That can lead to legal issues if someone were to trip or fall as a result of this broken flooring. Polished concrete does not bend […]


Epoxy Flooring for Retail Spaces

When you own a retail space in the Denver metro area, it is not just the products you are selling that will impress your customers, but also the environment. An attractive interior will make customers more certain of your quality and encourage them to visit and linger in your store. Epoxy flooring using a concrete base layer for durability and easy maintenance can create a beautiful floor that is also highly functional, making it the perfect choice for properties of all sizes, including supermarkets, boutiques, furniture stores, specialty stores, and department stores. What Epoxy Floors Can Bring to Your Commercial Space Epoxy flooring can cover a space of any size, creating a smooth and non porous surface with options for matte or high gloss, and the ability to add colors and aggregates for a customized appearance. This offers all of the following advantages in a retail space: Fits Multiple Aesthetics – Whether your business needs an industrial look or something more bright and colorful, the appearance options with epoxy can meet your various needs. Easy Movement – With a completely […]